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  Rua Tirol, nº 746 - Jacarepaguá - RJ - Brasil
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The year of 1982 was remarkable to our lives.
We were engaged with show dogs, as exhibitors and breeders since 1974, but only with the American Cocker Spaniels (Welcome Kennel), and then we got our first Doberman: Ibirité (Ch.Gr.Ch.Int. Dobeview's Fetch'n Go), a very beautiful black bitch, a gift from our beloved friend Flavio Lima Neves.
We were afraid of the problems Ibirité could arise by living together with the Cockers, and also with the people within our house. What a mistake! Since the first moment Ibirité got into our house, then four-months old, everything was incredible. All of a sudden, she became "a member of our family", with her exceptional intelligence, courage, character, and gentleness. Besides being a lovable bitch, Ibirité was an exceptional guard and got all the people´s love in the house. Later, we bought a red bitch, Ch.Gr.Ch. Donna Orion Duze Von Henik (Henika), five-months old, and almost at the same time our third bitch, Ch. Burghfield's Invisible Touch (Ivy), also red.
The living-together with this incredible breed made us learn how to understand and appreciate it very deeply. We started studying everything over Dobermans and began to admire the American breeding very much. We also began to understand its pedigrees, and to admire both the seriousness with which the Americans handled the subject and their search for the breeding´s enhancement. We started to take part into the DPCA National Specialty , yearly , on first week of October, and to visit the kennels that worked out with the pedigrees we liked most.
Then it happened:
On March 4th, 1991, we went to visit Betty Clark´s Ravenswood Kennel in the United States and, among seven puppies, we bought SHAY, a two-months old red bitch. Shay stayed with her breeder until she was four-months old. Then, we brought her to Brazil. And it was the beginning of a wonderful time - plenty of fellowship, happinesses,


unforgettable victories together with her beloved friend Marcelo Chagas (her handler), and remarkable trips. She was a thoroughbred, cheerful, and witty fellow. When she got older, sometimes she got in a bad temper and nobody messed with her.
Things were great until she passed away to another dimension. Shay went away on May 4th, 2001.
When Shay got into our house, we began to have a deeper relationship with Betty and Don Clark from the Ravenswoood Kennel, and started a partnership with them through inumerous co-properties and co-breedings such as BIS Ravenswood Whirlwind (Elijah), Ch. Ravenswood Heidi's Dara (Dara), Ch. BIS Athena's Lonestar V Ravenswood (Dallas), Ch. BIS Ravenswood Betsaba (Winner of Brazil´s Dobermann National Exhibition in 2002), and Ch. BIS Charade's Maurice (first Dobermann male dog of national breeding to close the championship in the United States). It was due to our friendship with them that Betty Clark bought a female dobermann from Paulo Pontes, Ch. Daiane Von Kuldan, the renowned Rio´s (Ch. Ravenswood Southern Cross) mother.
These dogs make up the breeding bases of our kennel, with only 6 litters here in Brazil, with 16 champions. As co-breeders in the U.S.A., we have 3 American champions.
The dogs of our breeding (or co-breeding) got 5 placements at the DPCA National . They won 2 classes, a WB and a BOW, and 3 of them were American champions.
In Brazil, our dogs won more than 50 BIS.